Optimist & Goddess Field Trip

We are proudly featuring Optimist & Goddess Maple Syrup! We had the opportunity to meet up with one of our member-owners, Llew Williams, who happily gave us a tour of his small-scale Maple Syrup farm right here in Morgantown. Check out the video below!

Now available at Mountain People’s Co-op! 🙂

Filmed by Tyler Channell, a native West Virginian who works in the Media Journalism department at West Virginia University. Thanks Tyler! 🙂

4 responses to “Community

  1. This is so great! What a great way to show off local talent and locally made goods 🙂

  2. who now is the owner Mountain Warehouse…. I worked at Peaceful Valley which moved in the old building in Grass Valley CA & I met the owner of mountain peoples … the 90’s?

  3. Hey there Darleen. You may be thinking of the Mountain People’s Co-op in Colorado. Since we are a co-op, we are community-owned. When a person buys a yearly ‘membership’, they are technically co-owners of the store.

  4. Hi Darleen-you’re thinking of Mountain Peoples Warehouse which is no longer in existence. They merged with another company in the early 2000s and are now known as UNFI. The warehouse was relocated to Rocklin. Mountain Peoples Wine (which also originated with the food distribution business) is still going strong and is located in Nevada City.

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